Share your space with tenants and their brokers.

Gain access to active tenants in the market and share your space directly with their online market surveys.

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Instantly submit properties to surveys

Eliminate one-off emails and streamline sharing

Increase showings and deal flow

Get invited to active surveys

Receive instant notifications and access active surveys in your account.  Review search parameters and key tenant details.

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Add your property details

Create a property and include photos, flyers, floorplans, features and virtual tour links with a simple, intuitive, mobile-friendly process.

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Submit properties to active surveys

View survey details and instantly submit your properties for consideration.  Your submissions are automatically added to survey maps and comparison tables.

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Generate more tours and deal flow

Increase your property exposure and streamline marketing by sharing your space directly with active surveys.

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Access new deal flow for your property and increase exposure and tours with targeted inquiries for your vacant space.